Atelier Oblique is a fragrance house established in Berlin in 2015 and wholeheartedly dedicated to traditional scents. Developed in the centre of the perfumer’s art – Grasse, in the south of France – and composed only using the finest traditional ingredients, Atl Oblique’s scented candles are classics of our time. 



Oud is known to be one of nature’s most valuable gifts. An aromatic resin with subtle notes, it is used for the most precious and mysterious perfume compositions. Closer celebrates oud in an unexpected fresh way. This scent is literally close, sexy, deep, woody and yet fresh, free and floating. Contrasting the woody, animalistic, balsamic and honey-like impression with a fresh top note of currant, grapefruit, lemon and fig. Rose, violet, vetiver and leather notes strikingly underline the oud in its heart notes. An exclusive and precious composition. 

50mL Eau De Parfum


Marble Sea

An elegantly tender and almost scent, inspired by the paintings of Caspar David Friedrich. Soft as a sea breeze. The grace within this elegant scent presents itself immediately. Gently dancing notes of bergamot, jasmine, iris and green tea are embraced by a cool, salty breeze of mint and an ozonic aldehyde-composition. A chord like the splash of the waves. The jasmine, rose and iris heart notes underline Marble Seas’ mundane gentleness but also its force, persistence and depth. The pulsating arrangement of musk and a breeze of South American vanilla give the composition its rhythm, intensity and calmness. Classy, steadfast and full of grace. 

50mL Eau De Parfum



Inspired by glamorous, festive nights, this Eau de Parfum is the bridge connecting exclusive Parisian parties of the 20ies with excessive club nights in the cold concrete-clubs of today’s Berlin. The scent full of curiosity, close and deep, just to then loose itself in the whirl of vanilla, tobacco and musk forming the base notes. 

50mL Eau De Parfum


White Light

White Light is an energetic homage to light itself. As rays of sunshine break through a clouded sky, it embraces us in glistening light. A strong and multifaceted Eau de Parfum, yet bright, fresh and cool as a Cologne. Its rich, nuanced bouquet fills us with energy and accompanies us with its brightness on our daily adventures. The shape for White Light was inspired by the consistency of change, inner points of light and a radiant aura. A sophisticated composition with a base note of orange blossoms and musk, a heart note reveald by neroli, arabian jasmine, ylang ylang, white florals and an opening top note composed of bergamont, mandarin, petitgrain, lavandin and fig.

50mL Eau De Parfum


Bohemian Woods

The prelude to this extravagant perfume is a chord of Spanish red pepper, South African freesia, the woody-warm tone of elemi gum, rounded off by the seductive aniseed sweetness of absinthe. In the heart note, the scent of longing and wanderlust merges with rare, exquisite elements presented in a dark mixture of resins. Incense embodies the belief in change. Patchouli underpins the fragrance and gives it its liberal character. The pinch of saffron gives it its precious spice and a touch of unknown. Iris, one of the most precious ingredients of perfume art, gives it its floral, earthy and at the same time highly intellectual note and stands for its inner richness. 

50mL Eau De Parfum