A theatrical performer, painter and jewelry designer, Hilde Soliani established her line of perfumes to celebrate her artistic creativity. In her small laboratory in Parma, Hilde uses the time-honored methods to create scents that are as traditional as they are strikingly contemporary. From radiant florals to the atmospheric blends inspired by the theater, each scent is a unique piece of art, a fascinating play in Soliani's elegant Teatro Olfattiva Parma. A Lover of the culinary arts, she collaborates with renowned italian chefs to create everything from edible bubbles to Panettone inspired by her perfumes, and vice versa.


Donna Sentenza

Donna Sentenza was born of a joke Hilde Soliani shared with famed Italian butcher, Simone Fracassi, about her possibly slipping on a banana peel. Hilde Soliani slip on a banana peel? Never! Banana milkshake. Banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery in New York. Banana cream pie. When life is getting you down, why not take a break from it all and put a smile back on your face with this deliciously milky banana concoction? 

Banana, cream, vanilla.

100ml Eau de parfum


Bell ‘ Antonio

A warm, husky aroma of tobacco leads the scent from start to finish, with the dark roasted coffee note providing an additional depth and character. Stunning, charismatic, more than a little dangerous and unexpectedly cozy and cuddly.

Tobacco, Coffee

100ml Eau de parfum


Buon Pranzo

“Buon Pranzo, “ Italian: enjoy your lunch. It’s the kind of simple sentiment that can contain a multitude: hospitality, kindness, community, culture and gastronomy. In other words, it’s all the themes Hilde Soliani does better than anyone. When the newly elected Pope Francis broke with formal tradition by ending his first Sunday balcony speech with that familiar colloquialism, Hilde decided to immortalize it in scent.

Butter, Pepper

100ml Eau de parfum


Crema Di Latte

A lovely cup of warm milk.

Milk, Sugar, Vanilla

100ml Eau de parfum



The fragrance of figs during the three stages of maturation.


100ml Eau de parfum


FRaaagola saalaaata

Fraaagola Saalaaata, a surprising mix of strawberries and salt, is a playful, unexpectedly subversive scent, a composition with two sides, sweet and forceful, Elegant and humorous.

Strawberry, Salt

100ml Eau de parfum


Hot Milk

The sweetness of milk with the bite of Peperoncino, a splash of great personality.

Milk, Pepper

100ml Eau de parfum



The effervescent joy of a perfect Lambrusco di Sorbara, the most sophisticated of Lambruscos. Bursting with juicy berry flavor, perfectly balanced against dry, sweet floral tones.

Red fruits, Wine

100ml Eau de parfum



A swoon-inducing almond elixir that opens with a splash of Amaretto on the rocks.

Almond, Amaretto accord

100ml Eau de parfum


Miss Tranchant

A fragrance of briny oyster and butter, created as a tribute to award winning italian seafood chef Mauro Uliassi.

Saltwater, Oyster, Milk

100ml Eau de parfum


Il Tuo Tulipano

Inspired by a walk through a field of red and yellow tulips, Il Tuo Tulipano is a fragrance bursting with joy of life and dazzling in its bright beauty. Seemingly simple at first, it quickly draws you into its brilliant depth, unfolding a layer after a layer of notes and revealing that what seemed simplicity at first was in fact a masterfully orchestrated harmony of many voices, each singing a joyful song.

Bergamot, Blackberry, Peach, Freesia, Lily of the valley, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Oakmoss

100ml Eau de parfum


Una Tira ‘ Altra

Cherry liqueur on the skin.


100ml Eau de parfum