The spirit of the SANTI BURGAS brand is to offer design and innovation. Its sophisticated Eau de Parfum fragrances contain ingredients of the highest quality found on the market. The unique and unexpected formulas are born drop by drop, in Santi’s "ant colony”, instilled with fine aromas, and then produced in Barcelona with high quality essences. 


Primal Waters Collection



A as in ADH "Aroma de Hormiguero": The scent of the anthill. An imaginative depiction of the inner sanctum of ants, their organized society and their myriad twisted little tunnels. "A" is a complex, almost abstract perfume that blends derivatives of formic acid and an earthy mushroom accord reminiscent of lichen, which is the ants' preferred food. The wooden cap is made of hazelnut tree wood, collected from the annual pruning in the fields near Santi Burgas headquarters. Each top is different as they are natural, no tree is cut down to make them.

Naturally occurring formic acid derivatives (formates), algae accord, fresh mushroom accord, geosmin, galbanum, mastic tree resin, patchouli, oakmoss, fir balsam, vetiver, artemisia, petitgrain.

100mL Eau de Toilette



N as in NYC "New York City": the home of Mexican born Rodrigo Flores-Roux who willingly let Santi Burgas "borrow" his most personal, "for him only" blend. An exhilarating explosion of freshness originally created in 2008, which coincidentally is the year of the creation of the brand. Thus "N" is now adopted by Santi as a ten year anniversary celebration. The wooden cap is made of hazelnut tree wood, collected from the annual pruning in the fields near Santi Burgas headquarters. Each top is different as they are natural, no tree is cut down to make them.

Neroli, grapefruit, orange flower water absolute, cardamom, ginger, coriander leaves, aglaia odorata flower, magnolia, patchouli, vetiver, Imperial sambac jasmine absolute, ambrette seed absolute.

100mL Eau de Toilette



T as in TDM “Torroella de Montgrí”: Santi Burgas’ personal homage to the town where he lives and where the brand was born. TDM is a forceful herbal blend reminiscent of traditional remedies made from medicinal plants and is also an aromatic portrait of Torroella's countryside and the many plants that thrive in it. The wooden cap is made of hazelnut tree wood, collected from the annual pruning in the fields near Santi Burgas headquarters. Each top is different as they are natural, no tree is cut down to make them.

Wild chamomile, lavender, rosemary, flowering thyme, eucalyptus absolute, labdanum absolute, cistus essence, Mediterranean cypress, fir balsam, cedarwood and sage.

100mL Eau de Toilette

The White Collection


Eau Dada

This fragrance, Eau Dadà, is inspired by the Eighth Manifest of Dadaism, a cultural and artistic movement which emerged in the early XXth century. 
Tristan Tzara, one of the founders, published seven manifests, the basic pillars of this modus vivendi, with actions that were intended to provoke, query and challenge the 'establishment'.

Orange blossom, Spanish saffron, labdanum, tonka bean, Indonesian patchouli, bourbon vanilla, incense, Trai Pratchin oud.

100mL Eau de Parfum



“Memories of cruising the Mediterranean Coast on a hot summer day in 1992. From Valencia to Palermo, stopping at Barcelona, Marseille Genova and Napoli. Idyllic childhood memories etched in my memory and the sea was my only witness.”

Valencian orange, anise, ginger, Calabrian bergamot, civet absolute, Australian sandalwood, amber.

100mL Eau de Parfum


Flaming Red

“A true love! Punished in the deepest shadows of loneliness. We are obliged to remain under a bed of stones which nobody will ever dare to remove. Your presence provokes my racing heartbeat, it can only beat to the rhythm of infinite rays of pure true love.”

Bulgarian rose, Tuscan orris, passion fruit, oud from Laos, amber, bourbon vanilla.

100mL Eau de Parfum


Miss Betty Vair

“Her profound roots portray effort and perseverance. Her tears from suffering are engraved on her face. Her attitude of dedication radiates peace. Her smile transmits joy and happiness and assures you she will never let you down. Miss Betty Vair brings you hope.”

Spanish lemon, eucalyptus, jasmine, nutmeg, Indonesian patchouli, Javanese vetiver, oakmoss, white musk.

100mL Eau de Parfum



“Eau Intense King Blue. Your colour is my scent. First, I fell into the vastness, then something appears from the deep, and out of the blue my skin feels a profound blueness.”

Grasse lavender, iris, black pepper, nutmeg, Virginian cedarwood, leather, Brazilian tonka bean, pierre d’Afrique.

100mL Eau de Parfum


Oud de Burgas

“You and me alone, covered by a blanket of stars in the desert, surrounded by silence, with the sole company of the camp fire, its flickering flames lighting up a new horizon. Alone, with the hope of reaching true happiness. We know we are together, under the moon, and I can see the moonlight reflected in your eyes.”

Madagascar clove, gurjum balsam, cypriol, cedarwood, orris, guaiac, Suyufi oud, Australian sandalwood.

100mL Eau de Parfum

The Palindrome Collection


Palindrome I

Palindrome I is the first perfume conceived as a palindrome, as it can be discovered both backwards or forward. Just like reading a palindrome in both directions and without pausing, PALINDROME I remains immutable: once the lighter citrus notes have subsided, the warm, incense-laden heart reveals itself like a protective mantra. 

Sicilian lemon, Sicilian mandarin, cocoa beans, Somalian frankincense, tolu balsam, Ethiopian opoponax, Andalusian cistus, ambrette seeds, vanilla bean tincture, sandalwood, Venezuelan tonka beans.

100mL Eau de Parfum


Palindrome II

This works as a palindrome in a different way. This fragrance revolves around a solid and powerful woody axis of patchouli, which can be felt from the first to the last stages of its evolution. A warm and spicy touch of black pepper, cardamom and ginger enhance the heart notes. 

Calabrian bergamot, angelica roots, sugar cane, white and black pepper, Nigerian ginger, Ceylonese cardamom, Castoreum, Chinese osmanthus, Maltese labdanum, cinnamon tree leaves, leather accord, patchouli, Mexican vanilla beans.

100mL Eau de Parfum


Palindrome III

Palindrome III uses a unique combination of two radically different osmanthus absolutes that deliver a contrasting interplay between joyful and colorful fruity accents and darker, richer and more animalic and leathery notes. 

Mandarin, black olive, osmanthus flowers, osmanthus absolutes, labdanum, poplar buds, Jamaican rum absolute, Bulgarian rose, patchouli, artemisia, davana.

100mL Eau de Parfum